Leila Beverleigh

Description Leila Carvalho Beverleigh has a BFA in Animation/Illustration from San Jose State University, where she was traditionally trained, learned 2D/3D animation, modeling, storytelling and concept art. As a digital painter, she worked as an illustrator for San Jose State Science Department, as a Lecturer of the Arts for Teaching. Along with a group of exceptional peers, she worked as a digital background painter for a student-only short movie production nominated the Best Student film at the Annie Awards in 2013. She grew up in Brazil being inspired by both parents and earned a teaching credential. In the US, she worked as a muralist, graphic artist and as a Visual Art instructor, with an extensive experience teaching drawing and painting to children and adults. Leila is an avid learner in the fields of animation, photography, she participates in lectures, museums visits and art research.  A former student of legendaries illustrators and professors  Mrs. Alice “Bunny” Carter and Mr. Murray Tinkelman, the latter being the founder of the MFA in Illustration from the University of Hartford, Connecticut, where she is currently earning her master's degree in illustration.