Photography: Thinking Inside the Frame

Join Emmy award winning cinematographer and photographer Andrew Wegst for this two day workshop. You will learn to train your brain to think like a camera by thinking inside the box,during this free flowing, open class. Explore the creative process of finding your own unique photographic eye. Delve into the three-stage process of making a photograph, new camera techniques, finding your own eye, communicating your vision, telling a story and sharing your unique perspective. Beginners with experience and up are welcome.

Prequisites: Must be familiar with your camera and basic photography concepts. A discussion of post processing will also be an option so some knowledge of Lightroom would be useful. 



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Pacific Art League
Main Gallery
Wegst 3/7 - 3/8 Sa Su 12:30 PM - 06:30 PM $240.00 View 10

Stylizing II with Oliver Klink and Dany Suk
The Stylizing II Images workshop is about “discovering” your inner artistry and giving you the tools that will enable you to turn your images into masterpieces. We start the workshop by showing examples on how “standard” images have been processed to make compelling masterpieces. We then walk you through the entire process with step by step explanations and hands-on exercises. You’ll leave the workshop with knowledge on how to use a new set of tools (Corel Painter Essentials v6 or v7), new workflow to process your images, and ways to keep your images as a photographic art.

Upon signing up for the workshop, you will receive a coursebook with recommended readings, what to bring, and much more. 

The course is taught by two award winning fine art photographers: Dany Suk and Oliver Klink. Dany Suk is a fine art photographer. He served as a president of Palo Alto Camera Club. His interest in painting inspired him in 2010 to explorer Corel Painter as a tool for photography. During the last nine years he developed his own painterly photographic style based on the tool. 
Oliver's "Circus" series was selected as a Top 50 project "Seeing in Sixes" by LensWork (2017). Cultures in Transition body of work was chosen as Top 50 Critical Mass Award winners (2016 & 2018). “Processing images with a personal style is a passion. You can relive what you saw at the point of capture with your artistic mind”, says Oliver.

For more information about the workshop view the website by clicking here.

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Pacific Art League
Studio One
Klink 1/19 - 1/19 Su 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM $235.00 View 5