Mastering the White in Watercolor


Follow in the footsteps of John Singer Sargent and Winslow Homer as you learn, through a series of carefully crafted exercises, how to make your watercolors come alive with the light of the white. Mastering the white paper is one of the most important skills in watercolor painting.The transparency of watercolor demands that you work from white to dark. You will learn that where we put color is just as important as where we leave the paper clean and white. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced painter, you will benefit from this workshop.

You will discover how to:
• Enhance your color shapes with white paper–dark against light to create luminosity
• Use lost and found color edges to add mystery and space
• Use white paper for roads, walk ways, building details, clouds, sea foam, moving water, fog or mist, smoke, beach sand, white garments on people, white reflections, white sails, white boats and much more.
• Create a mood or a feeling with your use of color and white in every painting you make.
• How to make your paintings sparkle with life.

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