7/23 pm - Explore the World of Modern Art


In this camp you will explore the world of modern art and artists. Find out who and what influenced them and how they did what they did.  Each presentation of the artist under discussion will be followed by painting and drawing exercises which encourages students to experiment and explore using the materials and techniques learned.

We have selected Artists with very unique styles so the students are given lots of leeway and choice, while also learning some invaluable artistic information they can incorporate into their own work.
Kandinsky, the Bauhaus: Analytical Drawing and color theories
Picasso, Braque: Cezanne and Cubism
Joan Miro: Automatic painting
Andy Warhold, Roy Lichtenstein,  David Hockney: Pop Art


FIELD TRIP on Thursday to Cantor Arts Center at Stanford to examine artists work up close and in person. 


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