The Art of Selling Art


You can easily learn to sell art, turn more curious lookers into customers who buy art faster, and become collectors. Selling art is easy when you know how. In this fast paced course on the art of selling art, you will learn how to create immediate desire, how to create instant rapport, what to ask, when to listen, what to say, easy closing techniques you can learn in minutes, correct body language and voice tone, and how to magically connect a person to the art they will love to own.
The full day training will include motivation, attitude adjustments, self-confidence exercises, prospecting for clients, telephone techniques, art gallery floor selling, private presentations, respect and courtesy, what words to use and avoid, qualifying, emotional connections, closing secrets, handling objections, high priced art sales, corporate sales, how to contact a gallery, artist's statements, pricing the art, portfolios, referrals and more.
This is a comprehensive sales program oriented to the individual artist, the art gallery and any art representative. Be prepared for a full day of lively lecture and in-class games. You will learn how to sell art to individual clients, collectors, and corporations. Robert Dvořák, a successful California artist, will demonstrate what works and what doesn't work so that by the end of the workshop, you can begin selling--and prospering--immediately with confidence and self-assurance.


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